Why Are People Hungry?

What would it be like to know this was your last day to be alive on Earth, simply because you did not have food to eat? Unfortunately, an estimated 25,000 die every day due to hunger and hunger-related causes. That numbers includes at least 10,000 children, each and every day.

Why is this the way our world is today? 

Perhaps we feel like hunger is something beyond our control. We might ask ourselves, “what can I do, as just one person, in the face of the hundreds of millions of people that suffer from hunger?” The honest answer to this question is that as one individual, there may be little we can do, but when we connect with others from all across the world to take action together, we can see all people have access to food.

We might also believe that there simply is not enough food produced today in order to feed everyone on Planet Earth. However, this is not the case, and is telling that our problem is not that we do not have enough, but that there is simply an imbalance in the way we have structured the systems we have currently for seeing that all people can have access to life’s most basic necessities.

Our first step towards seeing Zero Hunger in our world is that we come together making ending hunger a top priority. Connection creates power, as in the way multiple strings woven together create exponential strength far surpassing what a single strand could do.

Find causes that are working to end hunger that you can become a part of here.

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