Meet Dylan Raines

Creator of The Raines Campaign

In 2005 after recently graduating high school I became enthralled with the question: Why do I have so much, while so many others lack the very necessities for life? I pondered why it is that there are people who go hungry, sleep on the streets, and lack basic medicines that I could walk down the street to the corner store to buy if I needed them. Through the internet, I had also recently began learning about global poverty and seeing the stories of people who live in situations of unimaginable suffering. I didn't know what the solution was for ending the tremendous inequality we see in the world today, but I knew I wanted to devote my life towards finding out, and then to work towards what might be at the root of so much unnecessary suffering.

In early 2009 I packed my car with a few things and decided to drive across the USA with the simple purpose and goal of connecting with people, asking them about who they were and how they had arrived where they have in life, and what they would like to see changed in the world. I met many people living on the streets of cities and would ask them if they would like a meal. A few took me up on the offer of food, but so many more simply wanted someone to listen to their stories. They wanted someone to listen to them and show them they had value, dignity and respect. And like a lightbulb switching on, this showed me that it isn't resources we lack, it's connection with each other simply as human beings.

It isn't resources we lack, it's connection with each other simply as human beings. Click To Tweet

I believe that division is the root of what causes unnecessary suffering in our world. When we experience our identity in the connection we share not only as members of the human family, but with life itself, we become set free to truly see the beauty that life is and being to live with generosity, kindness, peace and compassion for one another. And that is what is needed for our world to truly change for the better.

I unofficially created The Raines Campaign in 2010, after leaving life as a media producer in the corporate world and starting to dedicate myself to traveling, connecting with people from all walks of life, and serving causes I believe are making progress in achieving The Global Goals.